Kisite Marine National Park

“Home of the Dolphins”

beautiful and sun kissed, the Kisite Marine Park was established to
protect the scenic islands and special habitats of a wide range of
endemic marine animals and breeding migratory birds. It lies in the
coral gardens south of Wasini Island and encompasses three small coral
rag forest islands, each with considerable areas of fringing reef.
Kisite is one of the most rewarding snorkelling locations at the coast.
Visitors can also enjoy bird watching, diving and of course, sunbathing.

Off the south coast of Wasini, this gorgeous marine park, which also incorporates the Mpunguti Marine National Reserve and the two tiny Penguti islands, is one of the best in Kenya. The park covers 28 sq km of pristine coral reefs and offers colourful diving and snorkelling, with frequent dolphin and turtle sightings. The marine park is accessible by dhow tour from Diani Beach or private boat hired in Wasini (per person from KSh2500 to KSh3000).

The best time to dive and snorkel is between October and March. Diving and snorkelling in June, July and August can mean poorer visibility and rougher seas, though the weather is changeable. During the monsoon season you can snorkel over the coral gardens – enquire about prices opposite the pier in Wasini.

This superb marine park is the Masai Mara of the sea – incredible natural formations, colorful habitats and limitless sea life. The Kisite Mpunguti is a protected sanctuary of coral reefs and small islands, home to dolphins, turtles, innumerable fish and sea birds.

The sea life is so lush here that you can expect to see curious dolphins leaping alongside your boat. Enjoy some of the rewarding snorkeling and diving anywhere. The warm, crystalline waters and rainbow coral reefs are a year-round invitation to partake of this outstanding reserve.

About Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park & Reserve

Not far from the coastal city of Mombasa, and closer still to Diani beach, visitors can take a dhow cruise to explore the reefs, the islands and the aquatic life of this vibrant reserve.

Created as a marine wilderness to protect the coral gardens and four neighboring islands, the reserve is home to over 45 types of coral and 360 fish species such as grouper, pufferfish, blue-lined snapper, butterfly fish, triggerfish, plus moray eel, turtle and dolphin.

superb marine park turtle and dolphins